School Furnature Equpments And Turnkey Project

  • plastic(PP)  board for students desk chair

    plastic(PP) board for students desk chair

    size: standard one or ODM

    color: customazed

    OEM & ODM: for cooperation with foregin facotry, provice Metal MDF wooden, Plastic, PP  etc.

  • Manual Edge Banding Machine PDF board

    Manual Edge Banding Machine PDF board

    Offers a complete line of superior edge banding machinery for tabletop banding to high speed CNC through feed and contour edge banding demands for the wood based panel processing industries.

  • spraying production line F1

    spraying production line F1

    Our student desk and chair spraying production line is a specialized product optimized and designed according to the characteristics of the metal frame of the student desk and chair. The product has been used for many years, has a full set of use and operation experience, and can be customized according to customer requirements.


  • Automatic welding machine F3

    Automatic welding machine F3

    we have a complete set of processing and welding equipment for students’ desks, chairs and plates, and self-developed automatic welding machinery for steel and wood desks and chairs, with high welding quality, low cost and high efficiency. Ordinary non professional welding workers can produce 3000 sets of welding parts per day (one person can manage four sets of equipment, its around 8 times quicker than others), so the price of the company’s student tables and chairs is about 70-80% of the price of the same factory.

  • Turn Key Project Solution

    Turn Key Project Solution

    Turn key project solution

    – for teaching desk & chair furniture factory

  • Sheet metal CNC cutting simulation system

    Sheet metal CNC cutting simulation system

    we provide metal cutting system for teaching furniture, the system’s high dynamic performance and continuously variable laser power level, it is capable of exceptional cutting precision – to within just plus/minus 10 microns (10 µm or 0.01 mm).

  • Cutting Mashine

    Cutting Mashine

    high-power metal cutting machine optical fiber metal sheet cutting machine metal carving cutting machine