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  • Two bells

    Two bells

    1. Material: copper ring. 2. Specification: external diameter ≥ 4.8cm, internal diameter ≥ 3.6cm, height 4.2cm,

  • Triangle bell

    Triangle bell

    1. Material: Manganese steel 2. Specification: The size of the three-piece triangular iron is: 25.5CM; 20CM; 14.5CM; the length of the metal hammer is 12.5CM; the diameter of the triangular iron is 0.8CM; the diameter of the metal hammer is 0.5CM; Structure: It consists of 1 tapping rod and 3 equilateral triangles of triangle iron.

  • Sand hammer

    Sand hammer

    Consists of a hammer ball and a handle.

  • Carillon


    Carillon is also known as a row bell percussion instrument. It is mainly used for percussion of western orchestra.

  • Percussion instrument

    Percussion instrument


  • lab storage cabinet

    lab storage cabinet

    Specification (mm): 1000 × 500 × 2000, material: cabinet uses 16mm thick high quality melamine double veneer chipboard, its section is sealed by PVC edge banding with imported mechanical high temperature hot melt adhesive, strong adhesion, good seal Beautiful appearance and durable.

  • Tuning fork

    Tuning fork

    The prongs are made of 6 carbon steel. The straight length of the prongs is 90 ± 1mm, the pitch of the prongs is 50 ± 1mm, and the handle is 35 ± 3mm. The tuning fork frequency is 440Hz, and the frequency error is 0.8Hz (at 20 ° C)

  • Music metronome

    Music metronome

    metronome size: 200 × 100 × 70mm.

  • Chorus stand

    Chorus stand

    Specification: ≥1.22 * 1.15 * 0.9m

  • Podium (including baton)

    Podium (including baton)

    Spectrum table size: 67 * 44 cm; two-story table size: 30 * 44 cm; height of spectrum table: 80-120 cm; height of guardrail: 93 cm high: 76 cm; platform size: 100 * 125 * 26 cm

  • MIDI composition system

    MIDI composition system

    All kinds of electroacoustic instruments with MIDI interface, such as electronic synthesizer, electronic organ, electronic piano, and auxiliary equipment such as speakers

  • Electronic piano

    Electronic piano

    maximum polyphony number: no less than 128, tone color: no less than 260 built-in tones

    Amplifier output: 8W + 8W

  • piano clasical

    piano clasical


    88 keyboard: 88 keys, made of high quality wood.
    Height: 1220mm Length: 1515mm Width: 589mm,
    String: Imported from the original, bass string length: 1200mm.
    Hammer: Imported felt.
    Sound board: solid wood sound board (with logo),
    Soundboard size: 1435 × 941mm.
    Pegboard: The color wood multilayer board for piano is used to ensure the stability and durability of the sound. Product standards should meet national standards. A piano case is provided.
    Soundboard: solid wood soundboard.
    String code: color wood multilayer board for piano, color wood solid board on top, high hardness, no cracking, low acoustic impedance, good sound guiding performance.
    Chord: 45 # modulation steel.
    Middle pedal: special wire pull.
    Moving rod: special metal.
    Drying treatment: Wooden pieces are naturally air-dried for more than 2 years, and then different drying methods are used to release the internal stress of the wood according to different components. Keyboard cover: there is a safety slow-down device.
    Pedal: Full-featured three-lobed.
    11 shell and coating: the bottom layer is a high-density polyester board repainted with a primer and a high hardness anti-cracking bright finish.