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Junior high school chemistry experiment equipment full set elementary high school middle school chemistry reagent box science glass teaching instrument scientific research version middle school ent...

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No matter new customer or previous client, We believe in prolonged time period and trustworthy relationship for environmental testing machine, gantry solid laser cutting system, torso, Our company quickly grew in size and reputation because of its absolute dedication to high quality manufacturing, high value of products and excellent customer service.
100% Original Student Molecular Modeling Kit - Chemical Kit – Xinda Detail:

Junior high school chemistry experiment equipment full set elementary high school middle school chemistry reagent box science glass teaching instrument scientific research version middle school entrance exam junior junior grade chemistry experiment equipment experiment box



Distillation condensation device

chim 2

Avilable instruments for school:


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100% Original Student Molecular Modeling Kit - Chemical Kit – Xinda detail pictures

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With a positive and progressive attitude to customer's curiosity, our organization repeatedly improves our products top quality to meet the wants of consumers and further focuses on safety, reliability, environmental necessities, and innovation of 100% Original Student Molecular Modeling Kit - Chemical Kit – Xinda, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Mombasa, Durban, Mongolia, With good quality, reasonable price and sincere service, we enjoy a good reputation. Products are exported to South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and so on. Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us for the brilliant future.

moterial and technical

*The table and chair frame are made of oval steel cold drawn welded pipe, the steel pipe specification is 49×20×1 oval pipe, and the iron sheet: 1mm thick cold rolled sheet is stamped and formed. The desktop is made of high-quality multilayer board with a thickness of 16mm, and the chair surface is made of multilayer plywood with a thickness of 16mm. The iron parts are welded with carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, and the surface of the steel pipe is degreased, derusted, phosphatized, electrostatic sprayed, and cured at high temperature.

* Student desks and chairs are made of steel and wood. Classroom, chair panel and chair backboard are made of multi-layer plywood with fireproof veneer on the surface. The thickness of the tabletop is not less than 16mm and the thickness of the chair surface is not less than 9mm. The material of the desk and chair legs is: 40×20×1.2 (mm ) High-quality square steel pipes;

*Materials of desk bucket parts and side board parts of classroom chairs are: 1mm thick cold rail steel plate;

*The material of the backrest of the class chair is: 19×1.2 (mm) high-quality round steel tube

*The material of the desk and chair foot cover is: 40×20×4 (mm) plastic.

componentcomponent 1


【product description】:

1. Seat board and back board: Multi-layer board is formed by hot press molding, and the surface is adhered with beech veneer or fireproof board, and then refined by spray painting or PU edge sealing. It is firm and durable, and does not fade.
2. Writing board and laminate: Multi-layer board is formed by hot-pressing with a mold, the surface is sticked with beech veneer or high-density fiberboard, and the cold-pressed fireproof board is made of refined, spray-painted and PU edge-sealed. It is durable and does not fade.
3. Tripod: It is made of high-quality steel, stamped, welded, and finely ground by the mold. The surface is then anti-static and electrostatically sprayed to prevent rust. At the same time, fixed or movable devices can be produced according to customer requirements.
4. Book net rack: It is made of cold-bonded iron, formed by mold, welded, finely ground, and then rust-proof and electrostatic sprayed on the surface, which is practical and firm, and bears a large pressure.
5. Sturdy gong wire: Adopt electrostatic spraying cylindrical head hexagonal gong bar, strong, durable and non-rusting.
6. Appearance design: It adopts ergonomic concept and individual requirements, with beautiful appearance and modern characteristics.

The installation needs to be equipped with common tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers, as well as a rivet gun (for fixing rivets) and a handlebar electric drill (for drilling holes in the bench plate).

spare parts

★Company strength★

We have excellent production design and manufacturing team and third-party quality management system guarantee, and more perfect after-sales guarantee, so that you can shop more worry-free and more at ease.
A real manufacturer, a real direct sales, a real benefit to consumers, reflects the strength, as long as the customer provides pictures with any functional requirements, we can process production to meet the needs of consumers.


our certificate:

we have past all ISO certificates and others inspection


our production ability

Our company’s main factory has a monthly output of 10,000 sets of standard student tables and chairs and various other teaching equipment. In addition, we have four accessory manufacturers that can provide a variety of educational equipment accessories. Large amounts give discounts.

working line

about packing and delivery:

Our company has export business all year round, and has long-term cooperation agreements with various logistics companies, which can fulfill customers’ various purchase orders and outbound transportation service requirements.


transport method

our factory

factory xindafactory xinda

Is your company a OEM & ODM factory?

Yes, we are a factory with a production capacity of 40,000 single-person student tables and chairs per month;

Excuse me, where is your company and where does the ocean export come from?

Our factory is less than 100 kilometers from Tianjin and Beijing, and shipping containers are loaded in Tianjin Xingang port;

Does your company accept customized products?

We accept customized products, and the purchase quantity of each product is not less than 500 sets. It takes 5 working days to make a sample according to the drawing. The sample fee is 50% of the wholesale price determined by the two parties, and the customer pays the courier fee;

Can I buy semi-finished parts for your company?

Yes, and we can purchase new or used production equipment and guide the production and processing of subsequent processes for free.

Does your company accept small orders?

Yes, existing product pictures are available from our website. But the buyer needs to ensure that it has the ability to import customs declaration.

Can your company cooperate with foreign countries to build factories?

Yes, our factory can provide equipment and engineering technicians to fully support product localization. Please contact us for details.

  • This supplier's raw material quality is stable and reliable, has always been in accordance with the requirements of our company to provide the goods that quality meet our requirements.
    5 Stars By Renata from moldova - 2017.11.01 17:04
    In general, we are satisfied with all aspects, cheap, high-quality, fast delivery and good procuct style, we will have follow-up cooperation!
    5 Stars By Kimberley from Hongkong - 2017.03.28 16:34

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